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Arbeia Roman Fort

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Arbeia Roman Fort
Alt Name:
United Kingdom
Ancient Rome
100AD - 199AD
South Shields
South Shields,
Hadrian’s Wall, Segedunum Roman Fort,
Corbridge Roman Town, Vindolanda,

Arbeia Roman Fort history

Arbeia Roman Fort was built in around 160 AD and guarded Hadrian’s Wall and the entrance to the River Tyne. One of many wall forts along the wall, Arbeia Roman Fort also acted as a military supply base.

Today, Arbeia Roman Fort has been partially reconstructed, allowing visitors to really experience how this mighty fortification would once have looked and felt. The museum of Arbeia Roman Fort houses original artefacts found at the site ranging from coins and gemstones to the country’s best preserved ringmail armour suit and several tombstones.


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contact details

Address: Baring Street, South Shields NE33 2BB

Phone: +44 (0)191 456 1369

visitor information

Directions to Arbeia Roman Fort :
Located in the north of South Shields, a ten minute walk from the South Shields metro and bus station.

Arbeia Roman Fort opening times and ticket prices:
Open daily April-Oct, 10am-5pm (1pm-5pm Sundays). Closed rest of the year. Entry is free.


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