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Derinkuyu Underground City

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Derinkuyu Underground City
Alt Name:
Ancient Rome
300AD - 399AD
Nevsehir, Aksaray, Kayseri,
Cappadocia Underground Cities, Kaymaklı Underground City,

Derinkuyu Underground City history

Derinkuyu Underground City is the largest and most popular of the Cappadocia underground cities in Nevsehir, Turkey.

As with the other underground cities in this region, Derinkuyu was built by early Christians to escape religious persecution. The result is an astounding network of subterranean houses and communal facilities, including food and drink preparation areas, mass storage rooms, stables, wine presses and a church all spread over eight levels.

Part of a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Derinkuyu Underground City is incredibly well preserved and offers an in-depth insight into the lives of these troglodyte or ‘cave dwelling’ people. For those who are not too claustrophobic or frail, this is one of the most interesting sites in Turkey.


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contact details

Address: Derinkuyu Underground City, Route 50-50, Derinkuyu, Turkey

Phone: (384) 271 21 67

E-Mail: derinkuyu@muze.gov.tr

visitor information

Directions to Derinkuyu Underground City:
Cappadocia is in central Anatolia. By bus, it is around 12 hrs to Neveshir from Istanbul or Izmir, 5 hrs from Ankara or 4 hrs from Konya. If you fly in to Kayseri, just an hour away, you can reach Ürgüp, Göreme and Nevşehir with shuttle buses, but these must be pre-booked via your tour operator or ask your hotel.

Derinkuyu Underground City opening times and ticket prices:
Derinkuyu Underground City is open from 8am-7pm (5pm winter). Standard entry to Derinkuyu is 15TL. Most people visit via organized tours. An individual private tour of Derinkuyu Underground City costs around €30 per person.


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