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Alt Name:
Al Giza
Ancient Egypt
3000BC - 2001BC
Pharaoh Khufu
Cairo, Banha,
Dahshur, Saqqara,
Hawara Pyramid, Abusir Pyramids,

Giza history

Giza or ‘Al Giza’ is a tourist hotspot and the site of some of Ancient Egypt’s most famous landmarks, including the largest pyramid on Earth.

Giza is home to the pyramids of kings Khufu, Khafra and Menkaure. The largest pyramid in Giza, and in the world, belongs to the second king of the Fourth Dynasty, Khufu or “Cheop”.

Khufu’s pyramid is Giza’s oldest and, at its great size of 145 metres, became known as “The Great Pyramid”. In fact, Khufu’s pyramid was once the tallest structure in the world as well as being one of the Seven Wonders of the World.

The second largest pyramid in Giza belongs to Khufu’s son and fourth king of the Fourth Dynasty, Khafra (or Khephren). In fact, the elevation on which Khafra’s pyramid is built is deceptive, making it appear larger that his father’s.

The smallest of these three kings’ pyramids belongs to the sixth king of the Fourth Dynasty, Menkaure and is one tenth the size of Khafre’s.

A UNESCO World Heritage site, Giza is also where one finds the Great Sphinx. Estimated to date back to 2528–2520 BC, some Egyptologists believe that this majestic half man, half lion is modeled on Khafra.

Several other tombs and Queens’ pyramids pepper Giza’s landscape, some of which are open to the public, most notably, the tomb of Seshem-nefer IV. This site also features as one of our Top 10 Tourist Attractions in Egypt.


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Laura May
26 Sep, 2014

Clearly a must-see, worth every bit of the heat and the crowds. If you can, go with a trusted local to help you manage the less trustworthy sorts around the site.

Just as empires rise and fall so do entry fees and opening hours! While we work as hard as we can to ensure the information provided here about Giza is as accurate as possible, the changing nature of certain elements mean we can't absolutely guarantee that these details won't become a thing of the past. If you know of any information on this page that needs updating you can add a comment above or now.

contact details

Address: Outside the front of the Mena House Oberon Hotel, Cairo (known as Pyra

Phone: 33838823

visitor information

Directions to Giza:
Either take a taxi (ask your hotel) or, by public transport from central Cairo, bus routes 355 or 357 take you to the Pyramids. Alternatively, on Metro Line 2, alight at Giza Station (not the terminus).

Giza opening times and ticket prices:
The pyramids open at 8am and entry to the Giza Plateau is LE 60. A further fee of LE 30 payable for entry to the Pyramid of Menkaure and LE 100 for the Great Pyramid of Khufu. Students receive a 50% discount upon showing their student ID.


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