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Historic sites in Mexico

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Historical sites in Mexico : Site Index

  • Alhondiga de Granaditas Alhondiga de Granaditas
    Alhondiga de Granaditas was the site of a rebel attack against the Spanish in the Mexican War of Independence.
    Photo by jlrsousa (cc)

  • Angostura Battlefield Angostura Battlefield
    Angostura Battlefield marks the location of an important clash in the Mexican-American War, the Battle of Buena Vista.

  • Calixtlahuaca Calixtlahuaca
    Calixtlahuaca is an Aztec archaeological site near Toluca in Mexico.
    Photo by liberalmind1012 (cc)

  • Castillo de Chapultepec Castillo de Chapultepec
    Chapultepec Castle was once the home of Emperor Maximilian of Habsburg and now houses Mexico’s National History Museum
    Photo by paulinaclemente (cc)

  • Chacchoben Chacchoben
    Chacchoben is a Maya site in Mexico housing some impressive pyramid temples.
    Photo by roger4336 (cc)

  • Chichen Itza Chichen Itza
    Chichen Itza is a site made up of two impressive and well preserved cities, built by the Mayas and then captured by the Toltecs.

  • Cobá Cobá
    Cobá is an important and vast archaeological Maya site in Mexico’s Quintana Roo region.
    Photo by joyosity (cc)

  • Dzibilchaltun Dzibilchaltun
    Dzibilchaltun in Mexico is an archaeological site housing the ruins of a Maya settlement.
    Photo by GOC53 (cc)

  • Ek Balam Ek Balam
    Ek Balam is a Maya site on the Yucatan Peninsula with some impressive ruins.
    Photo by archer10 (Dennis) (cc)

  • El Tajin El Tajin
    El Tajin in Mexico was a city of the Totonac people and is a UNESCO World Heritage site.
    Photo by Ixtla (cc)

  • El Tepozteco El Tepozteco
    El Tepozteco is a small Aztec temple in Tepoztlan, Mexico.
    Photo by -Chupacabras- (cc)

  • Ex-Convent de Churubusco Ex-Convent de Churubusco
    Ex-Convent de Churubusco was the site of a Mexican defeat in the Mexican-American War and now houses Mexico City’s National Museum of the Interventions.
    Photo by Catedrales e Iglesias (cc)

  • Fort Loreto Fort Loreto
    Fort Loreto is an eighteenth century fortress and one of the sites where the famous Battle of Puebla was fought.
    Photo by RussBowling (cc)

  • Kabah Kabah
    The ruins of Kabah are those of a Maya settlement in Yucatan, Mexico.
    Photo by robertoliebig (cc)

  • Labna Labna
    Labna is a Maya site in Yucatan State in Mexico.
    Photo by Olivier Bruchez (cc)

  • Merida Cathedral Merida Cathedral
    Merida Cathedral in Mexico is the oldest one on the continent.
    Photo by kudumomo (cc)

  • Mexico National Museum of Anthropology Mexico National Museum of Anthropology
    The Mexico National Museum of Anthropology is one of the world’s best renowned museums of pre-Hispanic history.
    Photo by gripso_banana_prune (cc)

  • Mitla Mitla
    Mitla was a Zapotec religious centre later taken over by the Mixtecs in Oaxaca, Mexico.
    Photo by eduardo.robles (cc)

  • Monte Alban Monte Alban
    Monte Alban is a remarkable UNESCO listed pre-Columbian site in Mexico.
    Photo by RussBowling (cc)

  • Museo Casa de Hidalgo Museo Casa de Hidalgo
    This museum in the town of Dolores Hidalgo is the former house of the priest Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla, the father of the Independence movement in Mexico.

  • Museo Regional de Oaxaca Museo Regional de Oaxaca
    Museo Regional de Oaxaca houses many of the pre-Columbian finds from nearby Monte Alban.

  • Palenque Palenque
    Palenque in Mexico is a UNESCO listed Maya archaeological site of a city which thrived between 500 and 700 AD.

  • Piramide de Cuicuilco Piramide de Cuicuilco
    Cuicuilco is a Mesoamerican archeological site in Mexico City, believed to have been a large, ceremonial city that existed prior to the foundation of Teotihuacan.

  • San Augustin San Augustin
    The Temple of Saint Augustin is a sixteenth century monastery in Acolman in Mexico

  • San Juan de Ulua San Juan de Ulua
    San Juan de Ulua is a sixteenth century Spanish fort which defended the port of Veracruz in Mexico.

  • Sayil Sayil
    Sayil in Mexico houses the ruins of a small Maya settlement built in the Puuc style.

  • Templo Mayor Templo Mayor
    Templo Mayor was a holy temple in the Aztec city of Tenochtitlan, now modern day Mexico City.

  • Tenochtitlan Tenochtitlan
    Tenochtitlan was the Aztec capital, established in 1325AD and destroyed by the Spanish in the 16th century.

  • Teotihuacan Teotihuacan
    Teotihuacan is a well preserved ancient Mesoamerican city near Mexico City.
    Photo by Darij & Ana (cc)

  • The National Palace of Mexico The National Palace of Mexico
    The National Palace of Mexico is an important landmark representing Mexico’s independence.

  • Tulum Tulum
    Tulum is a cliff-top Maya site in Mexico’s Quintana Roo region with some interesting and quite well preserved ruins.

  • Uxmal Uxmal
    Uxmal was a Maya city in Yucatan, Mexico and is today a UNESCO World Heritage site.

  • Xcaret Xcaret
    Xcaret houses the ruins of a Maya city which reached its peak in the 15th and 16th centuries.
    Photo by Herr_Bert (cc)

  • Xlapak Xlapak
    Xlapak is a small archaeological site in Mexico’s Yucatan region.
    Photo by archer10 (Dennis) (cc)

  • Xochicalco Xochicalco
    Xochicalco is an important pre-Columbian site in Mexico and a World Heritage site.
    Photo by Christian González Verón (cc)

  • Yagul Yagul
    Yagul was a fortified Zapotec settlement in Oaxaca in Mexico.
    Photo by maximalideal (cc)

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