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If you’re looking to explore Viking sites and Viking ruins and want to find the best places to view Viking Period history then you can explore our interactive map above or navigate further by using the links below.

Once you’ve explored the list of Viking sites and selected those you wish to visit you can use our itinerary planner tool to plan your trip and then print off a free pocket guidebook. This indispensible holiday guide will help you make the most of your time exploring Viking sites and Viking ruins.

Our database of Viking-era historic sites is growing all the time, but we may not cover them all. Remember, if you know of other Viking sites, remains or ruins, you can always add them to Historvius now by visiting our upload page.

Viking Period sites : Site Index

  • Chateau de Pirou Chateau de Pirou
    One of the oldest Norman castles in existence, the Chateau de Pirou is picturesque, small and yet well-fortified.
    Photo by Odile et Cyrille Largillier (cc)

  • Fyrkat Fyrkat
    Fyrkat in Denmark is an archaeological site housing the remains of a Viking settlement.

  • Gamla Uppsala Gamla Uppsala
    Gamla Uppsala is an ancient Swedish burial site which includes at least 300 ancient graves, most notably the three large burials known as The Royal Mounds.
    Photo by aikijuanma (cc)

  • Jelling Jelling
    Jelling in Denmark is an important Viking site and was the home of Gorm the Old. It is a UNESCO site.
    Photo by mechanix (cc)

  • Jorvik Viking Centre Jorvik Viking Centre
    The Jorvik Viking Centre recreates the Viking city of Jorvik, based on excavations found on this site in York.
    Photo by cyesuta (cc)

  • L’Anse aux Meadows L’Anse aux Meadows
    L’Anse aux Meadows is the only-known site of Viking settlement and the earliest European settlement in North America.
    Photo by chrisgNL (cc)

  • Lindholm Hoje Lindholm Hoje
    Lindholm Hoje is the biggest Viking and Iron Age burial site in Denmark.
    Photo by Marcus Meissner (cc)

  • Lindisfarne Priory Lindisfarne Priory
    Lindisfarne Priory, on the mystical Holy Island, is the dramatic ruin of a eleventh century Benedictine monastery and a place of pilgrimage.
    Photo by Gruenemann (cc)

  • Moesgard Museum Moesgard Museum
    The Moesgard Museum is an archaeological museum near Arhus in Denmark.

  • National Museum of Denmark National Museum of Denmark
    The National Museum of Denmark contains an impressive range of exhibits about the country’s history and culture.

  • Swedish Museum of National Antiquities Swedish Museum of National Antiquities
    The Swedish Museum of National Antiquities in Stockholm has pieces ranging from the Stone Age to medieval times.

  • The Braaid The Braaid
    The Braaid on the Isle of Man contains the remains of a Celtic stone-built roundhouse and two Viking longhouses, though little remains to be seen today.
    Photo by Gregory J Kingsley (cc)

  • The Settlement Exhibition The Settlement Exhibition
    The Settlement Exhibition displays the remains of Iceland’s first known Viking settlement in its original setting.
    Photo by Lonnie (cc)

  • The Viking Fortress Trelleborg The Viking Fortress Trelleborg
    Trelleborg in Denmark is a collection of Viking fortresses dating back to the tenth century.

  • The Viking Museum at Ladby The Viking Museum at Ladby
    The Viking Museum at Ladby displays a tenth century Viking burial ship.

  • The Viking Ship Museum The Viking Ship Museum
    Vikingeskibsmuseet in Roskilde is a Viking Ship Museum.

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